“Future is today! So, act for yourself now!”

 My name is Yoan and I am your online therapist and coach.

I help you to build a real, happy and resilient life.

As a therapist with a psychological and a psychoanalytic background, I work with a holistic approach at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual level.

As a Forest Garden trainer, I establish Food Forest to increase local food security.

This therapeutic, educational and inspiring website introduces practical and fulfilling actions to build a sustainable and a happier future. I suggest that you start from yourself (body, mind and spirituality) to continue through your natural and social environment (home, nature and community). One of my main purpose is to replace the human and the nature at the very center of a sustainable and resilient society.

I was born in South of France in 1974 just one year after the 1973 oil crisis. I use to say that I belong to the “crisis generation” which has the responsibility to create a new system of living, of society.

After my few first days in France, I spent with my parents my first 5 years in Algeria between the Mediterranean Sea and the greatest desert of the world. Africa was my first and unique home. I learned a lot from the people of the Sahara and the wisdom of Africa.

After 5 years, I started a new part of my life in France.  The atmosphere was so different in Europe and I felt like a stranger in my own country. That was the right time to start to build my own psychological resiliency. That why perhaps I studied clinical psychology, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, art-therapy and lived in many countries like France, Belgium, Japan, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus. I am always in between situations, people and cultures. Since many years now, I am deeply influenced by Buddhism and permaculture.